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Does your company maintain or collect sensitive personal data of US citizens? Do you produce, design or manufacture a critical technology? Are you involved in the development, construction or repair of critical infrastructure such as airports, data centers and undersea cables? If the answer is yes to any of these, then the newest proposed regulations on Foreign Investment in the US will have a significant impact on your business, potentially determining whether your company will ultimate succeed – or fail.

The current global political climate has ignited greater scrutiny of investments by foreign entities in the United States and in turn has inspired the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) to tighten and clarify regulations on investment practices. Predominantly aimed at “TID” industries, Technology, Infrastructure and Data, these most recently published proposed regulations have been authorized by the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) and will increase scrutiny of foreign investment aimed at economic sectors perceived to be particularly important for US security.

To meet the criteria for enforcement, a business must meet just of one of these three criteria:

  • Produces, designs, tests, manufactures, fabricates or develops one or more critical technologies.
  • Performs specified types of work in relation to a list of covered critical infrastructure, such as pipelines, stock exchanges, undersea cable, ports, rail lines and telecom systems
  • Maintains or collects, directly or indirectly, sensitive personal data of US citizens.

Topics to be addressed

Topics to be addressed at the TID Advanced Forum on CFIUS and Foreign Investment include:

  • Understanding CFIUS Enforcement Priorities Post-FIRRMA to Prepare for Future Regulations
  • Drafting Mitigation Agreements to Adhere to New Compliances
  • The Foreign Perspective: Discussing CFIUS’s Affect on Foreign Companies Working in the US and Uncovering Where They Lie
  • Back in Business! Establishing How TID Businesses Can Continue to Expand and Grow in the Wake of Harsher Regulations
  • Performing the Proper Due Diligence When Hiring Foreign Workers
  • Navigating Deal Risk in New Regulatory Environment with Political Climate in Mind
  • Addressing the Impact of Export Controls Reform to Uncover Cause and Effects
  • Defining “Sensitive Data” through the Eyes of Regulators to Determine Who Will Be Affected

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